Today, many players in the sweepstakes industry prefer to play online. The main advantage of online casinos is their availability. In addition, many people believe that casino sites are offering more opportunities in terms of winning in comparison with their land-based counterparts. Online casinos are providing the same casino genres as in traditional casinos – roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, poker variations, slot machines, and so on. Today we bring to your attention an article that will explain to you the main terms and definitions that a player may encounter in an online gambling setting. Moreover, gambling terms are considered specific since they are not used in traditional casinos. But, in most cases, these are words from the world of slots.


This gambling term refers to the input or replenishment of the player’s account with real money during registration in an online casino. The most commonly used deposits are bank transfers, debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, or other transfer systems. The number and variety of depositing methods define the quality of the online casino itself.

Payout (Return to Player)

Gambling terms

It is an amount that a casino game pays out in the long run. RTP is usually shown in percentage ratio. Thus, 80% of RTP means that 80% of your initial bet will be redistributed after all. Most of the online casinos in the USA set the RTP rate up to 96%. In rare cases, you may find an online casino with RTP equal to 98-99%. Furthermore, 100% RTP is impossible, and you must be cautious about scams if the casino offers you such a rate.


Bonus is an additional incentive from online casinos provided to the player as motivation for registering, opening a deposit, or passing certain “stages” in the casino game.

The most common online casino betting bonus can be considered the “Welcome bonus.” Online casinos present this bonus to new players (more often for the first few deposits). It can significantly increase the probability of the first win. Usually, casinos use welcome bonuses for marketing purposes. Most often, welcome bonuses come together with free spins.

One of the most common gambling terms is “No Deposit bonus.” To receive it, the player does not need to wager per se. A simple registration will be enough. That is absolutely a marketing ploy of the casino to attract new customers. Wagering requirements often accompany this bonus: a minimum number of bets players need to make to withdraw the bonus winnings.

Wagering requirement

In simple words, this gambling term identifies a specific requirement for receiving a bonus and, at the same time – another way for an online casino to keep a player. Let’s look at an example:

The player receives a wager to the deposit bonus – that is, the casino allocates 100% for his 100 USD. In theory, this is now 200 USD. But this bonus has a wagering requirement, for example, in “x25” (“multiplier by 25” – the coefficient is 1 to 25), which means that the gambler must bet at least 2,500 USD before getting the opportunity to withdraw money. In case of withdrawal of the winnings before reaching the specified requirement, the player will lose the bonus funds.

You should know that the online casinos can apply the wagering requirement to the bonus itself, the deposit, or both options.


Slots are a prevalent form of gambling entertainment in land-based and online casinos. Slot machines do not require knowledge of any particular strategies. Instead, the reels with symbols are located on the game’s screen. Gamers spin the reels, and if they get a combination of symbols, they win money. When three or more scatters fall out, the player receives a bonus.


This is another one among gambling terms that is related to slot games, and it indicates the start of the slot machine reel. Then, the “Spin” button starts the game in slot games.

Free spins

As we have already mentioned, this gambling term reflects a variation of a bonus or, more precisely, a bonus game from an online casino. The gambling site can include free spins in the welcome bonus, or players can receive it separately for a successful round. 


Scatters are special symbols in slot machines, which allow a player to receive free spins or a bonus from the casino. That is another method of online casinos to attract customers to slots.


Slot symbols are specific pictures depicted on the reel of the slot, which form a specific winning combination when spinning.

Wild symbol 

The wild symbol can replace any other picture in the line and increase the player’s chances of winning. The only exception is scatters, as the wild symbol does not replace them.

Sticky Wilds

In the literal sense of the word, this symbol sticks to the reel and remains (saved) on it during several spins in a row.

Gambling Terms for Online Casino Types

Gambling terms

Multiplayer Casino

It is a type of online casino where the player can play against a dealer and other live users. That is how poker rooms work, for example.

Live Casino

Live-casino is a type of online casino where visitors play with a live dealer. Today, large video poker tournaments are held in the form of Live-casinos. Live casinos have their bonus systems and wagering requirements different from other casino types.


That is a page where games available to users are displayed. They are divided into main categories, with additional divisions: popular games, new games, games with a progressive jackpot, etc.

Progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot is one of the gambling terms that is used to determine a particular jackpot type in video slots. The main difference between the progressive and fixed jackpot is that the size of the first increases with each new spin. Then, it grows until the gamer wins, after which the jackpot resets to zero and starts growing again. Games with such jackpots are called progressive slots.


We have analyzed the basic gambling terms and concepts used in online casinos to help beginners avoid getting confused and prevent unnecessary delays or troubles. The history of the existence of gambling shows us that the biggest winnings in gambling can come entirely by accident, or they can be the result of many years of analysis and practice, according to famous gamblers. In online casinos, players are not required to comply with the etiquette of traditional gambling houses, but it is better to know the basic rules and terminology in advance.

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