Let’s assume that you have opened your online casino. You found a software provider, designed a website, received a license, now you are faced with an important question: how to attract players’ attention? Today on the Internet, you can find many online casinos, so the competition in this industry is very high. However, if you form a compelling and original marketing strategy, your casino site will very quickly find its place in the world of casinos. Without marketing, you will not be able to achieve all your goals. Promotions, especially bounceback bonuses, are an integral part of the marketing campaign that focuses on bringing new people to the platform and keeping the existing users happy. 

Online casinos offer a bunch of other bonuses such as:

 1. Welcome bonuses;

 2. Deposit-match bonuses;

 3. Loyalty programs.

The casino offers welcome bonuses to new users. Bounceback bonuses are available to players who have returned after a long break. Loyalty programs are used by players who have been playing at the same riverslots casino site for a long time.

Below, we look at each of these offers and analyze why it is profitable for casinos to offer these bonuses to players.

Welcome Bonuses


Welcome bonuses, along with bounceback bonuses, are the most common marketing strategy for online casino businesses.

To receive this bonus, a beginner needs to register on the casino website. Then he can receive a welcome bonus in two versions:

  1. As a no deposit bonus. For this bonus, the player does not need to enter a deposit for a certain number of games;
  2. A deposit is required. In this case, the player needs to make a deposit, typically having entered their bank details into their account.

In some cases, online casinos may offer the following offers along with welcome bonuses:

  1. Free spins;
  2. Cashback for the first few deposits.

Players can only use welcome bonuses for games that offer these bonuses. Most often, the casino offers welcome bonuses for the following games:

  1. New games which a casino wants to promote;
  2. Games with low ratings which needed to gain popularity;
  3. As a part of a particular tournament etc.

Bounceback Bonuses

The casino uses bounceback bonuses to attract back players who have stopped using the services of the gambling platform. In terms of their characteristics, bounceback bonuses are similar to welcome bonuses. However, unlike welcome bonuses, bounceback bonuses are not offered to all players, but more often to those users who were regular customers of the internet sweepstakes platform but at some point lost interest in the casino. That is, if you spent only one day at the casino and then returned a year later, it is unlikely that the casino will offer you generous bounceback bonuses.

Like welcome bonuses, bounceback bonuses are available for a specific period of 2-3 months. If the player does not use the bounceback or welcome bonuses during this period, the casino will cancel the bonuses.

Loyalty programs

Many players mistakenly believe that it is necessary to change casino sites more often to play. However, online casino platforms stop providing bonuses over time, and it is unprofitable to play without bonuses.

However, casino enthusiasts know that loyalty programs are often more generous than welcome bonuses. And this is logical. The casino is more interested in motivating loyal players to play than newcomers who can leave the site after spending the bonus.

With bounceback and welcome bonuses, loyalty is considered the most effective form of marketing for online casinos. Loyalty programs often include:

  1. Cashbacks;
  2. Higher withdrawal limit;
  3. Higher deposit limit;
  4. Birthday bonuses;
  5. Free Slots;
  6. Faster withdrawals;
  7. Deposit bonuses etc.

In some cases, the casino can give costly gifts to its regular users. For example, a casino can provide a player a concert ticket or a new smartphone for ten years of loyalty anniversary.

Wagering Requirements

However, how can a casino protect itself from cheating, because today many players “hunt” for bonuses? To avoid such fraud, especially in the case of welcome or bounceback bonuses, casinos introduce wagering requirements. Wagers are the number of bets that players have to make to get bonuses. For example, you have a $ 500 bounceback bonus. The casino has a wager limit of $ 200.

That means that to pull out the $ 500 bonus, you need to spend $ 200 on bets. That is, your net profit, in this case, will be $ 300. However, these are very generous conditions. Unfortunately, sometimes casinos set such high wagering requirements that the bonus loses its meaning. Therefore, if you are going to launch your gambling site, there are two things to consider:

 1. Don’t make wagering requirements too low. In this case, you will distribute money to the detriment of your pocket. Please note that there is always a risk of fraud on the part of players.

 2. Don’t make wagering requirements too high. Bonuses should attract players, and if you require players to bet $ 1000 for a $ 100 bonus, then all the attractiveness of bonuses disappears.

What Else Do You Need to Pay Attention to Promote your Online Casino?


In addition to bonuses and loyalty offers, you can draw your attention to several parameters:

1. The higher the RTP you offer players, the higher the chance that your site will become popular.

 2. Work with well-known software providers, for example, NETENT, Microgaming, FlamingoSeven, RiverMonster, PlayN’Go, etc. Many experienced gamblers are well versed in providers and pay great attention to this criterion.

 3. Obtain a license. A license is a guarantee of the security of your platform. Therefore, without it, gamblers will not trust you.


If you want to launch your online casino, then you cannot do without bonuses. You will need to make an effective strategy for providing players with welcome, bounceback bonuses, and loyalty programs. However, offer players realistic conditions and find a middle ground that will benefit you and your users. If you follow all the tips provided in this article, you will soon be an owner of a successful online casino. 

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