What are the different deposit methods for Inferno Slots? Many people asking this question are afraid to deposit their money at online casinos. In addition, many newbies do not want to enter their banking details into their accounts on sweepstakes sites to avoid the theft of money by scammers. So is it safe to share your data with the casino, and what should you look for when adding money to Inferno Slots?

We have great news for the ones that have these kinds of concerns: depositing in online sweepstakes slots is not much different from buying some product in an online store or any banking transaction you have already encountered personally. 

Of course, the methods of adding money to Inferno Casino will depend on the online casino and where you live. Still, you can be entirely sure that there is a good way for you to deposit funds safely and securely into your casino account without any problems with transactions.

Let’s not keep you waiting and move on to the most reliable and efficient ways to deposit money into Inferno slots.

Credit and Debit Cards

Today it isn’t easy to find an American who does not deal with an online payment using bank cards for shopping in an online store. Credit and debit cards are also widely used to top up money in Inferno slots, as in other online casino transactions.

As a means of entering a deposit, players most often use brands such as Visa and Mastercard. Some US users also use American Express for these purposes, but a little less frequently.

The most crucial problem in entering a deposit for Inferno slots with bank cards is whether the bank will accept such a transaction. Management of banks, outstanding Visa, and Mastercard have different policies concerning online casino transactions. For example, your card may be obtained at one online casino when adding money to Inferno slots, but you can use the same bank card without any problems in another casino.

This problem exists worldwide, especially in the United States, where many states, such as New Jersey, attach great importance to the categorization of casino transactions. Naturally, this does not mean that you will have such a problem, but you should be ready for this and try to find the most optimal online casino for you. You can also use several cards from several banks to less often encounter such problems.

Digital Wallets

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Another popular way to enter a deposit in inferno slots is to use particular e-wallet sites. An e-wallet is a special place to store your money and shop online whenever you need it. You can also quickly transfer money from your digital wallet to your bank account. These sites will help you to make online transactions without any issue or the need to spend time on regular withdrawals from your bank account. This convenience and time management has allowed e-wallets to become extremely common in eCommerce, as well as casino platforms.

Everyone has heard of PayPal, which is the most popular e-wallet in the world. However, PayPal allows transactions only for licensed casino sites that comply with all country’s regulations where the casino is registered. Therefore, not in all casinos can you find the option of replenishing money in Inferno slot machines with an electronic PayPal wallet.

Therefore, we recommend using Skrill and Neteller e-wallets to deposit money into Inferno slots. Both of these wallets are widespread in the casino world. However, the use of e-wallets also depends on the policy of the casino platforms and e-wallet sites. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the conditions for entering a deposit in an online casino in advance.

Using Your Bank Account Options

To enter a deposit in the river slots sweepstakes game, you can use your existing bank account. However, the most optimal way to deposit through your account is to initiate a bank transfer or the “e-check” function, which you can use to fund money in your account on the casino website.

Another possibility of replenishing money is the online banking system. Online banking uses a service to facilitate online transactions on casino sites by transferring money from your bank account. The most famous service of this kind is Polipay / Poli Payments. Unfortunately, this online banking product is used in Australia and New Zealand. A similar variation for American players is Digital River.

This method will significantly facilitate your banking transactions and reduce the time you usually spend depositing at an online casino.

Prepaid Options to Add Money to Inferno Slots

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But what about those who do not want to enter their bank details or use their river slot casino account? For example, some people do not trust the legitimacy of online payments. For such cases, vouchers can be a perfect solution to the problem. You can buy vouchers from a local vendor and then use them to deposit on sweepstakes online slots. You can purchase vouchers in cash, which will completely exclude the use of your bank card or account. Vouchers are usually 19 digits long. You can buy them from retailers, kiosks, and even ATMs. You will be able to use vouchers both in casinos and online stores.

This method will allow you to top up money in online slots without entering your bank details in the online casino.


The ways to add money in inferno slots depend on the online casino and your country of residence. Regardless of which deposit method you want to use, you can always find a licensed online casino that will allow you to use your preferred type of transaction.

Your choice may depend on several aspects, for example:

  1. Trust in online casinos, whether you want to leave your data in your casino account or not;
  2. The convenience of the method of entering a deposit, as well as the time spent on transactions;
  3. Availability of the deposit method in your country, as well as the policy of the online casino and your bank.

You must analyze all aspects and methods of depositing in inferno slots to find the right online casino with which you can comfortably conduct all transactions.

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