If you’re searching for the best sweepstakes games with incredible gameplay, impressive bonuses, and fantastic graphics, consider red dragon and blue dragon slots. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this slot game. 

However, as a word of caution, before you play at any online casino, be sure that it’s the right place that offers what you need. In other words, make sure everything checks out before you play your favorite games.

Numerous advantages come from doing your research. One of them is the ability to increase your winning chances. You can start from BitBetwin and explore the different casino platforms with unique sweepstakes games and bonuses. 

With that said, let’s begin. 

What Are The Red Dragon Vs. Blue Dragon Games? 

Blue dragon

The sweepstakes game was launched in 2016 by the Red Rake Gaming provider. This slot game transports you to a fantasy world where you’ll come across a red and blue dragon. 

With an unusual plot theme, the game developers put much effort into matching the characteristics of the events happening on the screen. The game also includes a few bonus features set in motion by the free spins mode. 

With the red dragon and blue dragon game design, you’ll find high-quality graphics that work perfectly on mobile devices and PCs. Another feature is the collection of symbols. It shows card suits, a unique head symbol, and crystals, which fill the bonus counter. 

Before you start the red dragon and blue dragon game, you need to develop an action plan. You have to consider the payout table ratios, the volatility degree, and the theoretical return. 

Impressive Features of Red Dragon And Blue Dragon Games

What makes the casino game unique is that when the prize lines fall out, participating pictures explode. So that offers a new opportunity to get a combination and fill the progressive indicator of the beginning of the Stacked Wild function. 

Also, aside from the typical wild columns on the slot reels, you can use extra Stacked Wild if you fill the counter with four consecutive wins in succession. When the condition is fulfilled, a pair of symbols fly out of the dungeon into 7-28 cells, occupying two random columns. 

Furthermore, the feature in the red dragon and blue dragon game is also based on Wild. But in this instance, they cover single cells rather than other names when one or numerous red dragon heads fall on the slot reels. 

The latest prize features the slot game offers are multipliers that the blue dragon brings. What it does is to multiply the winnings you earn 2x. However, keep in mind that when there are many activators, the Multiplier values multiply each other. 

How To Play Red Dragon and Blue Dragon Games For Real Money

The game is made up of six verticals and four horizontals. That forms a grid of 50 lines. And the game pays the remuneration when three identical elements appear, each of them substituted by a wild symbol. 

But remember that it doesn’t include the Scatter. Here’s how the game works: 

  • Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to choose the number of active lines. 
  • Similar keys regulate the bet per spin size (that is, from $0.01). 
  • When you’re ready to spin the reels, press Spin 
  • You can use the menu at the top of the Spin button to set the auto game mode. 

You can turn off the auto game with the primary Spin key, which turns into Stop after activation. The counter displayed the number of auto mode scrolls left. 

Lines And Reel Strips

This slot game is a sweepstakes game that consists of six reels, and the icons are arranged in four lines. The RTP is 95.2%, with the number of active lines being 50. The highest win that can replace your bank is 280,753, and you can bet from $0.1 to 10 for each spin. 

Bonus Rounds 

The bonus round in the slot machine comes with non-standard launch rules. And these rules assume that the counter is full of pictures of the heads in red or blue dragons. If you get nine identical names, you activate the below free spin packages: 

  • Fire – five fs
  • Ice – five fs 

In the free spins, the Stacked Wild feature gets launched after two of Collapsing Reels. Keep in mind that it’s not four as it occurs in regular draws. 

Different Variations Of The Game 

Blue dragon

If you want to get lots of bonuses and prizes, it’s best to play the game in online casinos. And that’s because you can play for real money or for free. 

Because the algorithms in the free version and real money version are no different, you can take the time to try out the video slot without any risks. Also, if you play the game and don’t like that version, you can quickly change the game without depositing any money. 

Rules And Features 

The game developers used card denominations as the primary game elements. The multi-colored symbols appearing on the scarlet background of the game look amazing. The bright colors of traditional Fans and Lanterns make the picture complete. 

You can see the dragons falling out in a unique style of dancing if you get a winning combination. The Scatter symbol rewards you in any position and begins a bonus-free spin if it comes up three times. 


The Red Rake Gaming put in their possible best to make the graphics in red dragon and blue dragon games outstanding. And that’s because the mythical creatures look real, probably because of the animation being made in 3D. 

The game’s primary location is the misty valley where the red dragons and the blue dragon reside. The background music is outstanding, and you’ll never have a dull moment. That said, if you’re searching for the best place to enjoy the game, we recommend BitBetWin. You get to play unique slot games and win fantastic bonuses and promotions. The games were specifically designed for players who love sweepstakes games, so you’ll surely enjoy them. 


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