Do you want to play your favorite slots in Las Vegas? We will delight you; now, you do not need to book plane tickets in order to experience the atmosphere of gambling. The age of technology has created all the conditions for us to enjoy vegas slots online without leaving home.

In this article, you will get acquainted with one of the most popular types of slots: vegas slots online, which you can play from your smartphone or laptop while sitting on the sofa in the living room or walking in the park.

We will not only consider the best types of vegas slots online but also make you a top of the best sites where you can enjoy this type of casino games to the fullest.

Fruit Machines / Fruit Slots

The vegas fruit slots online are top-rated in Europe, but these slot machines are known as penny slots in the US. By the way, the origin of the fruits on the reels is quite interesting. In the 19th century, mechanical slot machines were primarily found in the saloons of the Wild West. 

There was no money to be won, only drinks or cigars. However, with resistance to alcohol rising in the United States, a manufacturer of chewing gum came up with the idea of ​​putting its different flavors on the reels. And that’s why we still often play slots with lemons, melons, plums, or cherries today!

Video slots

Vegas slots online

More technically correct is the term video slots for newer digital slot games in Las Vegas and the rest of the world. Classic casino games for real money are fully mechanical and are operated by gears and discs. In video slots, on the other hand, a random number generator determines the outcome of your spins.

And a whole lot else has happened. The display is on actual screens. In addition to sometimes impressive animations and graphics, this enables more comfortable control. Most video slots now have switches for changing bets and activating bonus features and a touchscreen.

Speaking of bonus features, most vegas slots online are divided into a base game and bonus rounds. More significant wins are relatively rare in the base game, and the bankroll sometimes decreases faster than one would like.

But if you see a certain number of so-called scatter symbols on your reels, the bonus round with free spins is usually initiated. And here you can clean up. Because in contrast to the base game, it usually rains one big win after the other – thanks to various win multipliers and wild symbols.

But none of this should hide the fact that you only get these free spins every 200 to 400 spins on average. It would help if you had a lot of staying power and the money.

Jackpot Slots

Millionaires are also made in Las Vegas. The best example is the Austrian Johanna Heundl, who won 22.4 million US dollars with the jackpot slot Megabucks. With regular vegas slots online, you can not achieve such sums. However, progressive jackpot slots work a little differently than regular video slots. 

Progressive jackpot vegas slots online form a network with many thousands of other slot machines of the same type. A small fraction is paid into the shared prize pool with every cent wagered. Millions in winnings can come about if enough players have lost beforehand.

Top 4 Best Vegas Slots Online 2022


The Cleopatra online slot is a network version of the Cleopatra slot machine, which is installed in regular online casinos. The main difference between the online version is that it has five reels as opposed to the regular three reels. In addition, it is optimized for the touchscreen, which adds interactivity to the gameplay. The number of pay lines in this online slot is 20.

The minimum bet per line is 1 cent, the maximum is $10. The total bet thus varies from $0.1 to $5. The maximum win is 10,000 credits.

50 Lions

It is a five-reel slot machine with symbols in the form of the most beautiful wild animals that live in the vast expanse of wild Africa. The game has 50 paylines and a number of bonuses, including free spins and scatters rewards. Among the symbols used in the game are lions, zebras, giraffes, wild flowers, the landscape of the Serengeti region, images of aborigines, and traditional cards A, K, Q, J, and 10.

The user interface is painted in bright orange and black, with an image of the Serengeti sunset, which supports the theme of the game. The game also has bonus symbols that trigger free spins or other bonuses that allow you to win more money on a single spin.

The Wizard of Oz

Vegas slots online

The Wizard of Oz slot is a slot that was developed by WMS casino software company and is based on the classic and all-time popular movie The Wizard of Oz. The game contains five reels and 30 bet lines with a maximum payout of $50,000. This is a very fun game with some intricate features. Here you will find free spins, a bonus round, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and impressive jackpots. This slot supports playing from mobile devices if your phone has Adobe Flash player installed.

Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds is one of the most successful online slots IGT has ever created; The popularity of this slot in both regular and online casinos is of the scale and to such an extent that even the sequel Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play was released. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot showcases the paintings and inventions of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. The popularity of the regular version of the slot machine prompted IGT to release an online slot as well.

IGT is known for developing games with the most interesting themes and many unique features, but this slot exceeded all expectations with a special style that will not leave anyone indifferent. You can play Da Vinci Diamonds through Flash or directly in your browser. Da Vinci Diamonds is a 5-reel, 20-line slot that can be played for real money by betting in Euros, Pounds, or Dollars. The range of rates varies from one cent to 5 dollars. You can wager up to five coins per payline, and the maximum win is 25,000 credits.

Caribbean Pirates

Caribbean Pirates is one of the most breathtaking slots developed by RiverMonster for gamblers who are into pirates. Captivating musical accompaniment, symbols in the form of barrels, swords, a parrot, chests from Gold take you back to the time when piracy flourished in the Caribbean. This game is distinguished not only by the original style but also by the generous welcome bonuses that are typical for RiverMonster games. Games from RiverMonster are recommended especially for those who have just started their experience in the casino world.

Congratulations, now you know what Vegas slots online are, and you can make the right choice yourself!


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