Would you like to understand the casino wager offers in online casinos finally? New players from the USA quickly find themselves in a quandary: on the one hand, they want to win. But on the other hand, players often face play-through requirements, which can sometimes be complicated. Find out what play-through requirements are and how to meet them to get the most out of your bonus offers.

What is the wagering requirement?

Suppose you register as a new player in online casinos in the USA (usually, a valid e-mail is sufficient). In that case, you can generally benefit from bonus offers and particular advantages, such as a welcome bonus. That includes things like free spins or cash spins. However, such benefits are usually tied to complicated wagering requirements that you have to meet first. These play-through requirements determine how much money you must wager before you can withdraw your bonus and collect your winnings.

What is wager, and how does it works in online casinos?


But how exactly does wager work? These depend entirely on the individual bonus package. Cash bonuses, for example, require your deposit to be multiplied in a certain way before you can withdraw the bonus offers and associated winnings.

Let’s imagine this: You decide to play a cash casino game bonus with a play-through requirement of 30x wagering. That means you have to deposit your bonus 30x before you can withdraw any resulting winnings. When it comes to free spins in online casinos, it can also happen here that you have to make a certain deposit. Because: Free spins take place without a bet, the multiplier only affects the winnings that you get from the free spins. Depending on the casino, free bets are also linked to wagering conditions. Here it can happen that you first have to deposit a certain amount before you can fully enjoy the benefits of the bonus offers.

Calculate the wager yourself

Calculating the wager is relatively easy. Just plug your numbers into this formula:

(Bonus amount) x (wagering requirement) = total bet.

Let’s say you deposited $50. Then the formula would look like this: ($50) x (30) = $1,500. 

Here again, it depends on the online casino whether you have the possibility of further bonuses, such as the welcome bonus.


So your deposit in the welcome bonus itself may also be included in the play-through conditions. Then the formula changes like this: 

(Bonus amount) + (deposit amount) x (wagering requirements) = total bet. 

Continuing from our example, your casino wager would then look like this: ($50)+($50) x (30) = $3,000. While these numbers may seem very high, they are easy to complete. That allows you to use winnings from the bonus money to fulfill deposits. Not interested in math? Then you can also use a play-through requirements calculator online. That allows you to gamble easily on the Internet without having to take many risks.

That is how the casino bonus wagering requirements are calculated.

Once you have decided on a bonus, we recommend that you first look at the bonus terms and conditions. So you know precisely whether the bonus is worth it at all. We would now like to explain the turnover conditions to you using a simple example:

When you claim a $10 bonus with a wagering requirement of 30x, it means that you have to wager the $10 at least 30 times at the casino. After that, the bonus amount is converted into real money and withdrawn.

That means: $10 * 30 = $300. 

So you have to deposit $300 in the designated casino games before you can withdraw $10. Let’s say luck is on your side after a few spins, and you win $400 with your $10 bonus money. You have to play with $400 until you have deposited at least $300.

Of course, you may win even more money – and that’s a good thing! The only important thing is that you have wagered $300. Sometimes it also happens that your luck runs out, and you lose money. Then the deposited $300 is gone, but you can have the remaining credit paid out at any time.

The different types of wagering requirements


In addition to different deposit amounts, there are also other types of deposits. There are usually two distinct categories, which we will now explain to you:

When only the bonus amount needs to be wagered

If the casino bonus terms only require the bonus amount wagering, the deposit amount does not matter. For example, with a 50% bonus up to $100, which you use to the full, you would have deposited $200 and thus receive $100 in bonus money.

If this bonus has a play-through requirement of 30 times, it means that you need to deposit $3,000 at the casino before the $100 in bonus money can be converted into real cash. The $200 deposit does not matter in this case.

Online casinos often require that the welcome or bounceback bonus amount and the associated deposit must be converted to request a withdrawal. The disadvantage here is obvious. You have to deposit a lot more money!

Instead of the $100, you would have to deposit the total $300, consisting of the deposit plus the bonus money, 30 times in the above example. The full deposit amount is now $9,000. Our tip: Opt for bonus offers that only link the bonus money to wager conditions without including the deposit.

Can I forego no wager casino bonus offers?

As soon as players have informed themselves about the casino no wager bonus conditions, one can hardly blame them for wanting to do without bonuses altogether. Free money or free spins are almost always tied to casino bonus payout conditions that must be met at the time of payout.

Nobody forces you to play with a bonus. You can even decline the casino welcome bonus or no wager bonus. This works by either rejecting it from the outset or canceling it if it is automatically credited (as is usual with some casinos). You don’t have to worry about wagering requirements, time limits, or maximum withdrawals at no bonus casinos. Any winnings you earn are yours immediately and can be paid out directly. That also has its advantages. This option is particularly attractive if you prefer sweepstakes games that you would otherwise not be able to play with an active bonus, such as live casino games or jackpot slots. However, if you choose to get more money to play with, we suggest activating a bonus.


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