Today players like to hunt for bonuses as online casinos can indeed offer very lucrative conditions for players. Unfortunately, however, many casino enthusiasts limit themselves to only welcome bonuses. They activate the welcome bonuses, use them, fulfill the wagering requirements, leave the casino, and start the same strategy with another casino platform. How correct is this? We are sure that this is one of the biggest mistakes even experienced players make! Online casinos today appreciate more loyal players who regularly use the services of their site. To increase the number of loyal users, casinos offer various VIP slots loyalty programs.

This article will tell you why you shouldn’t change your online casino often, why VIP slots loyalty programs are so attractive, and if there are dark sides of loyalty offers.

What is the VIP slots loyalty program?

Online casinos are not obliged to provide their users with rewards. However, due to the need for loyal customers, players may be provided with specific VIP packages for real money slots, roulettes, card games, and sports betting. Thus, when we say VIP slot loyalty programs, we do not mean a specific standard package of offers that all casino platforms are ready to provide. That is the difference between signup bonuses and loyalty bonuses. Unlike the first ones, in the second case, you do not know when the casino will offer you this program and what exactly will be included in it.

However, you should remember that VIP slot loyalty programs are often provided to players who have already made several deposits, so you should not expect to receive loyalty programs immediately after the expiration of your welcome bonus.

In addition to the above, you can access VIP slots loyalty programs if you make significant deposits and bets. Then the online casino will be more interested in motivating you to stay on the site.

What is included in the VIP slot loyalty programs?

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We have already said above that it is impossible to know precisely what an online casino will offer you. Sometimes the casino can provide you with an individual VIP slot loyalty program. However, we have compiled an approximate list of what can be included in your bonus package:

1. VIP slots personal bonuses

An online casino can provide you with access to unique slot bonuses that are unavailable to other players.

2. Personal Manager

The most famous casinos can provide loyal players with personal managers. Their task is to solve any problem that a VIP player faces. Thus, you can easily focus on the gameplay and leave all the technical aspects to your personal manager.

3. Access to special events

If you are a member of VIP slots loyalty programs, the virtual casino allows you to participate in particular online and offline tournaments. These tournaments will help you earn extra money.

4. Higher Limits

VIP slots loyalty program members can deposit and withdraw at an online casino more money than regular players. At the same time, you are offered softer wagering requirements than other players.

5. Free Spins

Like in welcome bonuses, VIP slot also includes free spins to motivate loyal players to stay at casino platforms as long as possible. However, you should check in advance which online slots have access to this bonus.

6. Other prizes

Often online casinos additionally include other types of bonuses in the VIP slot loyalty programs, such as:

 A. Cash Back and No Deposit bonuses;

 B. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual bonuses or bonuses related to special days, for example, Birthday or Christmas;

 C. Real prizes like electronic devices, tickets, or clothes;

 D. Bounceback bonuses for formerly loyal players who returned to the site.

Disadvantages of VIP slots loyalty programs

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Any bonus has its dark side. For example, welcome bonuses can be very generous, but at the same time, have incredibly high wagering requirements. VIP slot loyalty programs are no exception. As a result, even the most dedicated online casino players can face challenges. Below we will look at some of them:

1. To get access to such programs, you need to spend a lot of time and/or a lot of money

Unfortunately, such programs are not easy to obtain, as online casinos must be sure that you are their loyal player. Therefore, you will have to play for many months to get VIP slot loyalty programs. Imagine how much money you will have to spend before getting this program.

2. In the early stages of membership in such programs, online casino prizes may not be profitable for you

The fact is that playing VIP slots, you slowly gain points and climb the loyalty program levels up (for example, from silver level to diamond level). As you progress through the ranks, your rewards will be more generous. However, at first, the prizes can be pretty modest.

3. Loyalty programs can be addictive.

When playing VIP slot, you may be too focused on getting special rewards. That can immerse you deeply in a state of dependence on bonus rewards. Therefore, you should be careful when using VIP slot loyalty programs.

4. Loyalty programs stop working if you leave the site

If you leave the site for a long time and then come back, VIP slots loyalty programs will most likely no longer be available to you, and you will have to start all over again. However, that does not mean that online casinos have forgotten about you. On the contrary, most online casinos provide returning loyal players with bounceback bonuses that help players adapt to the platform again in no time at all.


Welcome bonuses are far from the only online casino offer for players. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular among professionals to choose one online casino and play on one platform for years. If you can prove your loyalty to an online casino, gaming sites will reward you very generously with various bonuses and prizes. Therefore, try to adapt to one casino site and get your long-awaited membership in VIP slot loyalty programs. By playing VIP slots, you will more often reward yourself with valuable prizes, which is more important, the gameplay itself will become much more exciting and fun.


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