BitBetWin is an online sweepstakes platform that provides the latest online slot games and slots at the comfort of your home. We give you zero financial risks and 100% privacy due to the crypto solutions we offer. There are more than 500 unique games for you to enjoy with your friends and colleagues. You’re guaranteed to have the best time ever!

BitBetWin offers the following platforms: Riversweeps, Vegas-x, Vegas7Games, Paradise, Inferno, Coachvip, RiverMonster, Skillmine, Ultrapower Games.

To register on BitBetWin, Click on “Get Started" on the BitBetWin official website. You'll be redirected to the registration pages, where you have to fill in all the necessary details. After the registration, your account will be pending while we approve your request. You'll receive an email along with your login details for the sweepstakes platforms you chose when you get approved. For a full explainer video, click here.

Sign in to your account on BitBetWin.az and click on your name. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on deposit. From there, you can choose the sweepstakes platform you want to send your funds to. After that, proceed to the checkouts to specify the transfer details by clicking on your name and "Deposit." Deposit the amount you want to add and add it to the cart.

Proceed to the checkout and select your preferred platform. Review the order and pay with Bitcoin. You can scan the QR code with your Bitcoin wallet in the payment section. For a full explainer video, click here.

To withdraw from BitBetWin, sign in to your account and select your name. From the drop-down menu, click on “Withdrawal.” Enter the details you see on the screen. You’ll receive a verification code on your number. Enter that verification code and click “Submit.”

To register for additional sweepstakes platforms after you've got approval, you need to submit a different request. You can do so by signing in to your account and clicking on your name. In the drop-down menu, select "Register for additional platforms."

You have to download Cashapp. In the app, tap on the rising curve icon. Two available options, Bitcoin and Buy Stocks will be shown. Select Bitcoin, tap the buy button, and specify the amount you want to purchase. Click next. A confirmation screen will appear where you’ll see full details of the transaction. Complete the transaction by clicking on the confirm button.

To receive Bitcoin, go to the Banking tab on the main screen, select Bitcoin and tap the deposit BTC. You can scan, copy or share your Cashapp Bitcoin address with BitBetWin or an external wallet. If you want to send Bitcoin, select the Banking tab and select BTC. You can scan the QR code to send the BTC.

For the full explainer video, click here.

You can easily make all the mentioned transactions through Coinbase. See our detailed guide.

You can easily make all the mentioned transactions through Kraken. See our detailed guide.

You can easily make all the mentioned transactions through Binance. See our detailed guide.

After signing in, click on your name, then click on the Referral link button from dropdown. You will see your referral link on this page. You can copy and send this link to invite your friends to Bitbetwin. When someone comes with your link, you and the invited friend will get a bonus deposit on one of the platforms.

In order to play games, first you need to register on the website. After registering, when we approve your account, we will send you the accounts and the platforms to play the games on. Then you can easily log in with your accounts on these platforms to play.

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