Slot machine fans are divided into several parts depending on their preferences about the game. While some only focus on playing classic progressive slots, others lean toward multi-line video slot games. Both groups can check out the specific version that has both high payout potential and interactive gameplay, and that version is quick hits slots. So what are the quick hit slot machines, how to win at quick hits slots, which strategies can help you to maximize the winning efficiency? Find out in this article. 

What Are the Quick hits Slots?

Quick Hit slots are among the popular slot machine variations in the market. The riverslots game is mainly got popular around Bally. After the initial launch, the number of quick hits slots increased, and the demand for the game followed this trend. The main difference between classic video slots and these games is about the quick hit symbols. 

These are the special symbols that increase the likelihood of winning for players. To acquire the biggest rewards in the game, you need to line up nine of all the quick hit symbols on the table. The place of these symbols on the reels have usually followed by these configurations: 1-2-3-2-1. These rules are generally a standard for quick hits slots. Though, there are a few versions like quick hit pro that offers you more opportunities. 

If you manage to land at least three quick hit symbols on the reels, your reward would be multiplied by two. When that number increased to five, you can earn substantially more. The opportunity is here. However, which bets do you need to make to increase your chance? Can you optimize the max wagers? Let’s find out together. 

Which bets do you Need to Make in Quick Hits Slots? 

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The progressive jackpots in quick hits slots are only available for players when they use the max bet strategy. Depending on the game, the max bet amount will vary. So, if you are playing a slot game that has only three reels, the max number of pay lines would be around 5 to 6. On the other hand, the multi-reel slots that can have 7 reels can offer you 30 to 40 active lines, which would increase the max bet amount considerably. 

To increase your chances at quick hit slots, it is better to find a game that has high payout potential and a high number of quick hit symbols. Keep in mind that the slots with fixed jackpots do not require you to bet the max. These games are only offering certain amounts, and they have a set RTP which makes it hard for you to increase the winning chances by using such strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reason Behind the Rise of Quick Hits Slots?

Quick hit slot machines offer you a classic river slot casino experience with lots of great bonuses. That is the main reason why the demand for these games increased over time. The opportunity for hitting the big jackpot through quick hit symbols increases the intensity of these games for players. 

Were to Try Quick Hit Slot Games?

There are many online as well as mobile gambling sites where you can play quick hits slots. Some of the popular options include Play USA as well as Caesars casino. 

Should You Download the App to Play Quick hit Slot Games?

As we already mentioned, these games are also available at browser casinos. So, the short answer is no; you do not have to download anything to enjoy these games. On the other hand, the best quality of the quick ht games can be found on the mobile apps from bally. 

What is the Highest Amount that You Can Win in These Games? 

quick hits slots

There are great opportunities when you play quick hit games, and some of the most lucrative progressive jackpots can be found here. The highest reward that you can find in these games is offered by the Black Gold quick hit slot machine. In that game, by combining the quick hit symbols on the same reel, you can win up to 7500 times more than the initial deposit. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, quick hits slots are among the best online sweepstakes genres that you can find in online casinos. If you want to try a progressive slot game that offers a relatively realistic chance at the big jackpot, you might as well try these games.

Quick hits slots machines not only offer fast-paced gameplay but also allow you to take advantage of the interactive bonuses that can enhance the winning potential of the player. So, with these advantages in mind, you might as well look for the best online slots with quick-hit symbols and enjoy them continuously. If you would like to learn more about the subject matters like these and read about the in-game analysis as well as riversweeps slot machine rankings, check out our blog page at Riversweeps Platinum. 


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